Project Description

This 386 workstation student computing center is located in the heart of the University of Michigan’s Angell-Mason-Haven Hall complex. The site was originally an open courtyard, a space considered visually important in the campus infrastructure.  The task was to develop a satisfactory environment for using CRT screens, while at the same time maintain the visual aspects of the courtyard. The space was designed using a roof formed by 144 individual skylights specifically designed for solar cutoff to prevent glare on the computer screens.  The use of daylight in the space preserves the sense of an open environment.  The courtyard theme is further developed by the use of a “tree” form to support the roof, with brickwork as the predominant wall material. Features of the building include use of “link rooms” for networking stations together and connecting to outside interfaces, and use of an extensive under-floor distribution system allowing flexibility for future changes.